Employer Branding


A company that offers job and professional development opportunities is considered virtuous. It has never been as important as it is now to be able to attract talent, to know how to recognise and then select the right candidates, in order to maximise investment in their professional development. These can be critical success factors for the company and key points of successful employer branding.
This is a hiring process based on a candidate's potential and represents an investment for the company, which is why it has to be well thought out and perfectly embedded in the organisational context.


Employer branding aims to build a company's reputation as an employer. It can be considered to all intents and purposes as a marketing activity aimed primarily at employees and potential employees, but which also has a knock-on effect on customers' perception of the company.
So, while the first benefit is to attract the best human resources available on the market, it also contributes to improving the brand in general.

Holding a jam

A jam is a method that uses multidisciplinary groups to creatively resolve a problem. It is an excellent way to assess the actual skills of potential new employees during the recruitment process. It is also an effective promotional tool for building your own Brand Awareness.
Holding a jam involves two preparatory stages:

Once they have completed their preparation, the young talent is asked to apply their knowledge as part of a team that will have to act on the brief presented in a two-day full immersion session. This will give them the opportunity to show their skills and be noticed.
The entire event will be chronicled through video and photographic material that will be very useful for promotional purposes to build Brand Awareness.