Change Management

Supporting innovation

Innovating means making one or more changes to the organisation, which therefore takes on a different configuration. The change can be an idea, a method or a tool. Its goal is to improve certain aspects of the company’s life or management. This drive to innovate, however, runs the risk of clashing with 'resistance to change', an attitude inherent in human beings, who are naturally inclined to preserve what they have acquired through experience. As successful implementation is a prerequisite for a change to be considered successful, a change management intervention is essential. It is a structured approach to change that supports and enables the transition from the current to the desired configuration.


In order to carry out an effective change management intervention, which supports the company's resources towards the changes, it is important first of all to identify and understand the points of resistance and possible critical areas.
Once the 'hot spots' have been identified, they can be managed through various methods of communicating with, involving and engaging all the resources that will be affected by the change. Sharing innovation, the opportunities it offers and new goals is a very effective strategy to overcome resistance to change and to fully embrace novelty.

Change management for us

Supporting a company in this process means understanding the need to align its strategy and organisation with the pace of innovation. We tailor each stage of our intervention to the specific context, as this is essential for successfully implementing innovation.

Our services

In order to help companies carry out effective change management, we use a variety of tools that have proven their worth over the years.
In particular we use: