Professional performance appraisal is a complex process that requires careful planning to be carried out with skill, determination and intuition. In fact, appraisal requires the use of tools appropriate to the scope of application.
This human resource management tool is therefore aimed at fully engaging the company's personnel in meeting targets. If appropriately adopted, it prevents wasting energy on non-priority activities and has a clear return in terms of employee motivation and satisfaction.

Our method

The best guarantee for achieving the company's goals is to ensure that everyone in the organisation has the utmost awareness of themselves, their role and the results they are expected to achieve. For this reason, our methods are based on a careful analysis and assessment of all human resources with a view to enhancing their value and employing them as efficiently as possible to achieve the company's goals.
There are several stages in the organisation and implementation of this intervention:

An efficient and effective organisation is one capable of generating the most value with the resources available.

Our tools

For the intervention to be as effective as possible, we use a variety of tools that have proven their worth over the years.
In particular we use:


MBO means "management by objectives" and is a method of appraising personnel that is based on the results achieved in relation to the objectives set. It is a useful tool for decentralising responsibility, which aims to fully engage human resources in meeting company targets.